Posted by: annaakehurst | August 29, 2011

24-7 prayer continues in Guatemala :-)

A 24-7 prayer room at the recent Ezra Centre conference

Check out this blog post on the 24-7 prayer site from my wonderful Guatemalan sister Emy Ortiz. Her parents run a charity called Centro Esdras (the ezra centre) which is working in Guatemala to train, equip and unite pastors. They recently held a conference for pastors from all over Guatemala and decided to create a prayer room as part of the event to encourage and promote 24-7 prayer within the country. 🙂 The brochure of prayer ideas, that I put together in my last few months in Guate, was also put on sale with around 30 copies being sold. Emy played such a big role in the team when we set up the week of 24-7 prayer in the church in Guate (CEFEMI) and it is great to see her and her family sharing the heart and vision for 24-7 prayer in Guatemala! Please pray for them. Pray for Centro Esdras as it trains and works with pastors from all over the country, pray for those who were encouraged by the prayer room to take the passion to pray back to their areas and churches around Guatemala and continue to pray for the country of Guatemala. Even though I am not there Guatemala will always be on my heart, It is a country that carries a lot of violence and pain but it is a place where God’s love, grace and power are breaking in and longing to transform lives. Prayer changes things and these are some of the people that God is using to establish his Kingdom in this nation.


Some of the pastors who attended the recent conference held by The Ezra Centre



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